5 Easy Methods to Increase Your Online Reputation

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Nowadays, your online reputation as virtual MD is more important than ever, especially as telemedicine and digital health platforms become an increasingly integral part of the healthcare landscape.  Extreme caution is needed when building your online reputation as a healthcare specialist or for the organization that you represent. Visiting with an MD virtually is fast becoming the go-to way to see patients.

As we see a spike in patients using telemedicine apps because of the pandemic, many providers seek ways to optimize their online reputations. Here are some excellent, straightforward tips that can help.

Ask Patients to Leave a Review

Simply ask your patients to leave their rating of the healthcare facility, procedure, and/or specialist on forums such as Google My Business, an industry standard for those looking to give feedback on a doctor/specialist and their clinic.

It is always good to check if the patients are satisfied with the experience before asking them to leave a review. This way, you will build a positive online profile and gain an edge over others in the same field.  

Build a Website

Without a website, you are missing a key opportunity to build rapport with your patients and establish standing within your community. Take time to find a developer to create a good-looking website that describes your healthcare facility or you.

Ensure that you share the details, such as the services you offer and the credentials of the doctors or specialists working in your clinic. If you create this website for yourself, include details that will help people quickly identify you.

Blogging and Podcasts

No matter how much knowledge you possess in a field unless you share it, no one knows. Creating a blog post or a podcast regularly is a great way to showcase experience and expertise in your field.

You can publish blogs directly on your website and share podcasts on various forums. Guest blogging is another way to reach a larger audience that may be already following other healthcare blogs.

List Yourself in All Directories

To reach the largest audience possible, share about your clinic or health care facility in all the local directories where people search for a clinic, physician, or virtual MD. Simple tasks such as this will help you reach your target patients and organizations.

Social Media (SM) Presence

Lastly, create a business social media (SM) account for your healthcare facility and yourself. Post content regularly on widely used SM platforms. This way, people start to recognize you or your clinic with ease. 

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