TeleMedicx for Medical Specialist

Take the Stress Out of Owning a Private Practice.

From how you book patients to how you get paid by insurance, TeleMedicX simplifies being a Hawaii Medical specialist.

Streamline Your Business

Less No-Shows and Cancellations

You and your patient will schedule an anpoinment at a time that works. Your patient will then be able to see when their appointment and be reminded a few times to make sure they don’t forget

One Place for All Your Patient Information

TeleMedicx makes it easy to keep track of medical records, insurance info, and appointments with our built-in, customizable forms.

More Information Means Less Mistakes

According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 20% of all diagnostic errors are a result of referral issues. TeleMedicx makes receiving as well as sending medical information about a patient simper than ever.

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Decrease Incomplete Referrals and Improve Your Work Flow 

Watch how TeleMedicx can save you from headaches and wasted time.

Built for Current Hawaii Insurance Policies

Many insurances in Hawaii now pay per-member-per-month, which means more patients equals more revenue. TeleMedicx makes it easy for you to acquire more patients, care for more patients, and keep track of more patients.


TeleMedicx can also automate Fee Review Forms, saving you time and potentially letting you get more money from insurance.


Easier for PCPs to refer you Patients

In Hawaii’s tightly knit community, it’s important to make sure PCPs can find you and refer patients. TeleMedicx’s network of PCPs will open new doors for your private practice by making sure your schedule is always full.

Simplify Private Practice With TeleMedicx

TeleMedicx will change how you practice medicine, letting you spend less time dealing with the wrokm of being a private practice specialist, and more time with your patients.