4 Ways Telemedicine Can Help During Emergencies

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Life has changed dramatically since the start of the global pandemic.  COVID-19 has forever changed the way we conduct our lives, creating a “new normal”, vastly different than just a year ago.  We now approach ordinary choices, with new perspectives, especially our medical care options.  Even with the pandemic better contained, we can continue using telehealth platforms as safe, effective alternatives to traditional healthcare, including medical emergency services.

You might wonder which is better during an emergency: a telehealth platform versus a traditional hospital.  Here are some reasons why telemedicine is a more viable option for most basic, and even some advanced, medical care as we move into the post-pandemic era.

Telehealth Is the Safe, Simple and HIPAA-Compliant 

The way medical appointments are conducted has significantly changed thanks to telemedicine. People can now consult with doctors or specialists from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Diagnosis and some treatments can be delivered or initiated and tracked, online. Most telemedicine platforms are HIPAA compliant, assuring a private and secure virtual medical visit with a doctor.

You may be wondering how telehealth can help in an actual medical emergency.  Read below to learn more about the benefits of using telehealth in such a situation: 

Immediate Assistance During an Emergency

Telemedicine is not just for minor issues; during a medical emergency, taking quick action is essential to receive proper care and potentially life-saving treatment. 

Emotions often run high with the patient and their loved ones in a state of confusion or panic. This can increase the risk of making a harmful medical mistake.  With telemedicine, immediate access to a medical team or system is fast, easy, and allows for proper medical intervention.  

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Consult a Doctor Immediately

The worst thing that can happen during an emergency is to reach the hospital only to find that a physician or surgeon is unavailable, especially in remote areas.  Telehealth platforms allow patients to connect with a doctor immediately to get medically sound advice—or even diagnosis and treatment—quickly and easily.  

Prepares to Admit a Patient

Taking a person directly for medical emergency services requires the hospital to follow multiple steps and procedures before admission. Telehealth platforms can alert both the doctor and hospital immediately, allowing them to complete preparations in advance of a patient’s arrival, ultimately saving time and, potentially, a precious life.

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