Our Vision | Faster Access To Care!

By improving the care coordination quality and speed using innovative digital-health software.

The Problem | The patient referral process can be frustrating and often time consuming.

For example, in vascular care, how quickly a patient is seen can mean the difference between saving or amputating a limb.

Opportunity | Private Speciality Practices

Hawaii is our first market to focus on because the use of outdated technologies such as FAX and paper notes are still the main tools to communicate patients’ referrals. This is resulting in patients waiting for weeks or even months while in pain then having to fly more often than needed to the main island to access speciality care.

We expand to other states after Hawaii. The market for referral management is expected to grow from USD 2.8 billion in 2020 to USD 6.0 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 16.7% during the forecast period.

The Solution | Streamlining the Referral Process

VirtualCliniX by TeleMedicX enables healthcare facilities to provide fast and easy access to care profitably through an innovative care coordination platform based on telehealth.The TeleMedicX software solution brings automation to specialty practices to achieve greater access to care, increased revenue, and optimal efficiency for the practice. TelemedicX offers a suite of telehealth solutions including store and forward, along with the tools that drive a practice’s efficiency.

Investment Opportunity

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TeleMedicX is a technology platform that gets patients seen by the right specialist quickly and efficiently. Patients who need to be seen by a specialist lose critical time between their primary physician referring them to a specialist and the specialist accepting them as a patient. The current process can take weeks or months. The delay can have serious medical and subsequent financial implications, such as amputations or even death. It leaves patients, doctors and practice staff frustrated and exhausted.

TeleMedicX system creates real time visibility for specialty practices into their referral pipeline allowing them to prioritize patients based on urgency and how well they match the practices specialty.

Easily managing the pipeline means the practice sees more of the right patients making them more profitable.

Using TeleMedicX also creates a new billable event based on “care coordination” for specialists when the patient can stay in their current care setting without needing to transfer to the specialist.

TeleMedix Accepts all forms of incoming referral request including internet based and fax based requests.

The request contains all the information the specialty practice staff need to triage the request and decide on its urgency and fit. This saves countless cycles of additional information requests.

If the specialty practice needs more information to make a decision the system enables a “micro consultation” which helps the staff to understand the case. This is a form of Telehealth called “Store & Forward” and can be reimbursable as a care-coordination medical billing claim.

Patients are kept in the loop throughout the process and if they are accepted to the practice they can use the TeleMedX platform to easily arrange their initial consultation with the specialist. Patients experience this as faster referrals with less phone time and paperwork.

TeleMediX won a Digital-Health Innovations Award this year and we were interviewed by a local TV News to explain how we can improve access to healthcare in Hawaii. Watch the video.

The interview was about our ongoing pilot program with a specialty vascular practice in HI.

Based on our experience in the pilot, the 3 year government contract we were awarded and the speed with which our sales pipeline is filling up we know that we are addressing an important and very financially rewarding market.

Our founding team is amazing because they are domain experts, technical, and are bidding on the startup success with their own money.

We need you as an investor because you will help us to get patients treated by the right doctor faster. WE will save lives and limbs and make a lot of money doing it together.

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