TeleMedicX enables healthcare facilities to provide fast and easy access to care profitably while improving the patient experience through an innovative care coordination platform based on telehealth. 

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Customers (pre-orders)

Pilot Partners for Our Async Features

Financial Support Towards Our Seed-Round & Donations

Pre-order Opportunity

Virtual Clinix Platform

Referral Automation & Compensation

+Automate confirmation calls
+Significantly reduce lates and no shows with automatic text reminders
+Enable patients to self schedule online

Automated Scheduling

+Electronically transmit and receive referrals
+Automatically receive referral compensation
+Significantly reduce the number of incomplete referrals


+See more patients daily with more predictable session lengths
+Eliminate patient travel from the equation
+Keep the office less crowded and reduce risk


Investor Opportunity

Equity Ownership

Investment $1M, 10% equity ownership, $10M valuation

Safe Agreement Opportunity

Invest with a 30% discount Safe Agreement, No Valuation Cap


Convertible Note Option

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Music Beats Cancer

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When it comes to fighting cancer, swift diagnosis and treatment is critical to patient outcomes. In Hawaii, cancer is the second leading cause of death, so it is imperative a patient be seen by the right medical specialist quickly.

Thank you for helping us bring healthcare to those who need it most.

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